Connecticut’s Central Auto Auction is the Closest Independent Auto Auction to New York City

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Your Central Contacts

Peter Saldamarco Peter Saldamarco
Phone x101
Tori Richnavsky Tori Richnavsky
Dealer Liaison
Phone x105
Elise Gallup Elise Gallup
On-line Venues
Phone x110
Michael Saldamarco Michael Saldamarco
Operations Manager
Phone x103
CoryDeMaio Cory DeMaio
Phone x107
Anthony Salerno Anthony Salerno
Assistant General
Phone x113
Anthony Saldamarco Anthony Saldamarco
Sales Manager
Phone x104
Christina "Bunny" Tatta Christina "Bunny" Tatta
Lead Bookkeeper
Phone x106
Amy Kohut Amy Kohut
Phone x108
Sally J. Saldamarco Sally J. Saldamarco
Acting Office Manager
Phone x102
Bella Saldamarco Bella Saldamarco
Lot Security
no phone
no email
Ralph Signore Ralph Signore
On-line Venues
Phone x114